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Bob, Delivery of All Kinds

LA RUE«La rue est notre décor, nous imaginons des histoires qui se passent dans l'espace que nous investissons.»

Duration : 38 minutes
Genre : théâtre et magie de rue
Creation 2007

Bob, Delivery of All Kinds is a mute show combining drama and magic, oscillating between clowning, poetry and humor – sometimes black humor.

It is a one man show created for the street: a man is delivering some packages, but no one is answering the door. Only the audience is here…

The idea behind this show is very simple: a delivery man ends up by mistake in front of an audience.

Each performance is a new encounter because Bob interacts with his audience, with the place and its atmosphere.

arbre à vache

The story:

Who would order a withered plant in the last phase of dehydration, a pre-war alarm clock or an already bitten apple? And how would the delivery man react when he realized he had been stood up in front of everyone? What if he then decided to have fun with the audience with the help of his old tape recorder?

The scenery is minimalist: it all takes place in front of a door. A delivery man, BOB, is waiting in front of the door with two boxes. And this is the beginning of the end: engaging in methodical looting, BOB then becomes – with more or less success – a conjurer, a mime, an acrobat, a leek torturer and a blade swallower.

Since its creation in 2007, this show has been performed more than 600 times in France (all the way to Guiana) and abroad (Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, England).

By and with: Louis Grison.
Stage direction: Noémie Lecharpentier & Antoine Boulin.
With a little help from our friends: Christophe ANDRAL (Compagnie Bougrelas) & Leandre Ribera.

Requirements: an electrical outlet and a frontdoor (of a house, a building, a farm, a church, a lighthouse… anywhere a delivery man might knock).

Performing abroad: this show can travel by plane (Contact us).

arbre à vache

Jury Prize and Audience Award winner at the festival Bastid’Arts 2008 in Miramont de Guyenne.

Declared favorite show of the the 2009 Aurillac International Street Theater Festival by the daily Newspaper La Montagne.


This show is full of surprises. Louis Grison, aka BOB, is irresistible. He skilfully juggles the absurd and irony. He unwraps plants, fruit and vegetables, a broom, an alarm-clock… and hilarious gags and magic tricks.
Thierry Voisin, Télérama, September, 2011.

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