arbre à vache

arbre à vache

Goodbye Persil

«The street is our scenery, we imagine stories which take place in this particular stage we invest in.»

Duration: 45 minutes
Genre: Street show
Family show from 8 years old.
Creation 2018.

An intimate story on the street! The public installed on the stands all around a garden for children, a Twingo arrives and rode. Two brothers come out for a special mission.

The show is almost silent; it is based on mime, visual humour, clown-like stunts – without a red nose – , special effects and sound: music, sound effects, live mixing.

This enables the actors to tell a universal story through this performance in which they are always in touch with the audience and the present moment.

arbre à vache

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arbre à vache

The story :

Two individuals : one tall dark-haired man and one small with glasses have been spotted in a purple Twingo near the city park”. This could have been the police statement against these two brothers set out on a top secret (and forbidden) mission. Discretion, skill and complicity will be the keywords to reach their goal…!

A 164 feet road-trip…

The two brothers are prepared to risk everything to complete their mission.

This mission takes them back to their past, their childhood dreams… It is an opportunity for them to take stock of their lives together, with all the tenderness and roughness of brothers. Like a parenthesis in their adult lives.

« Un adulte, c’est un enfant qui a mal tourné… »

arbre à vache

Statement of intent:

We want to propose a new show created for the street with the benefit of our ten-year touring experience.
We aim at questioning the codes of Street Theatre further by taking the audience on board this universal tale, on a street corner, in the here and now.

How much of the child in us springs to life when we come into contact with those we grew up with?

In this new creation, we question adults’ behaviours, which are sometimes too serious. We explore how games and a little imagination can make our lives lighter, tastier and more exciting!
A hymn to life, to games, to the stories we make up, and above all to brotherhood!


The audience can sit on rows of benches installed in a semi-circle around the performing space. Nothing escapes the audience: they are both spectator and partner in crime to these two brothers.

In this circular central space sit a flowerbed, a playground toy and a fountain: it is the park of their childhood.

The Twingo is too loud, the neighbour’s dog keeps barking, shovels dance, an old tape recorder appears, a water pipe bursts…

By and with: Louis Grison & Nicolas Perruchon
Based on an original idea by : Louis Grison & Macha Léon
Stage direction, gags, stage design, sets and technical tinkering: Antoine Boulin
Technical advice and special effects: Paul Cavadore
Prop master: Mathilde SAUBOLE
Directing and writing consultants: Marie–Magdeleine (Compagnie Mmm), Julien Marot, Macha Léon.
Slapstick : Elise Ouvrier-Buffet
Acting & Characters : Christian Tétard

Requirements : electricity and a large space (ideally with grass), with car access and some elements in the environment that could be used for improvisation (walls, bushes, trees, etc.)

Credits: Created with the support of HAMEKA: Street Arts Factory – Intercommunal Community of the French Basque Country; of the Association Alarue – Les Zaccros d’ma Rue Festival; of the Theatre le Liburnia – Fest’arts Festival; of the Network La Déferlante; of the Musicalarue Association and of the Spirale Association.

Co-produced by the IDDAC – Regional Institute for the Development of Art and Culture – Gironde Cultural Office

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arbre à vache