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arbre à vache

Bob, Delivery of All Kinds

- Mute show, drama and street magic, 38 min (2007)

Next deliveries in 2021…

23 july – Fleury sur Orne (14)

28 july – Morcenx la Nouvelle (40)

Mr. & Mrs. Poiseau

- Visual humor, silent physical theater, 60 min (2013)

Next birthdays in 2021…

Goodbye Persil

- An intimate story on the street, 40 min (2018)

Next missions in 2021

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2019 tour

The 2019 tour continues! Find Goodbye Persil in Chalon in the street soon! at 11:15 am at the Grange Forestier pastille 20! And always on tour: Bob, transport of all kinds, for the 14th season! and M & Mme Poiseau, 7th season !!! Follow us on Facebook here: Facebook Arbre à vache see you soon……

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arbre à vache