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Mr. & Mrs. Poiseau

«La rue est notre décor, nous imaginons des histoires qui se passent dans l'espace que nous investissons.»

Duration : 55 minutes
Genre : Spectacle tout public, sans parole, pour la rue
Creation 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Poiseau“, gestural theater duo and visual humor, where we discover two little old people who celebrate a surprise birthday. Mr. Poiseau invited the public for the 75th birthday of Madame, in this place where they used to come so often.

A silent show for a public square or a park: the story of a very old couple improvising a birthday party!

arbre à vache

The story:

Mr. And Mrs. Poiseau are the old couple we all dream of becoming. They know each other by heart and like to turn their habits upside down as often as possible.

For Mrs. Poiseau’s 75th birthday, Mr. Poiseau went out of his way: he threw her a surprise birthday party. He secretly dragged half of their kitchen out on the street to bake her favorite cake, and thought he had it all figured out, but then…

Mrs. Poiseau, her husband and yourselves are in for a few surprises: some laughs, a few pranks and a decadent recipe that will make for a rather extraordinary birthday party.


Since it creation in 2013, this show has been performed over 350 times, in Street Theater Festivals and for other occasions in France (all the way to Guiana) and abroad (Spain, Italy, Luxemburg, Belgium, England, South Korea, Japan).

This is a universal and silent Street Theater performance. The tempo is given by laughs, some sounds, silence and a soundtrack from the 60s.

The story unfolds in public space and draws its strength from it. The couple interacts with the street environment and is eager to meet you and to share this birthday party with you.

By: Léa Blanche Bernard and Louis Grison 
With : Louis Grison et Macha Léon (since 2016)
Stage direction and management: Antoine Boulin
Consultant: Yvo Mentens

This show can travel by plane! (Contact us).

Requirements: An electrical outlet, a place to hide the surprise and a place where the party could take place: a public square, the corner of a quiet street, a garden.

Required information: This show was created with the support of Ferme d’Héliacynthe and Café Boissec.

Photo credits: Jessica Nativel Pitchography.

What can you do against death and old age?

We haven’t discovered any youth potion, but on stage, we perform the impossible.

« Old age is when you start to think: I have never felt so young. »
[Jules Renard]

arbre à vache

The dates

Next birthdays :

mai 2024

25maiToute la journéeMr et Mme PoiseauFestival Cabrioles à St Michel de Chabrillanoux (07) (Toute la journée: samedi)

juin 2024

23jun18:00Mr et Mme PoiseauLa Manufacture Médocaine à Bédagan (33)18:00

juillet 2024

20jui18:00Mr et Mme PoiseauLe Grand Festival à Verdun (55)18:00

21jui18:00Mr et Mme PoiseauLe Grand Festival à Verdun (55)18:00

août 2024

09aou18:00Mr et Mme PoiseauRéseau Renar et Atelier 231 - Rouen (76)18:00

14aouToute la journéeMr et Mme PoiseauFestival Néons sur scène à Néons sur Creuse (36)(Toute la journée: mercredi)

30aou17:00Mr et Mme PoiseauBallons St Mars (72) 17:00

octobre 2024

12octToute la journéeMr et Mme PoiseauScènes Nomades - Fors (79)(Toute la journée: samedi)

Pasts birthdays :

09déc17:30Mr et Mme PoiseauPOLCA Taillan Médoc17:30


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