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arbre à vache

arbre à vache

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arbre à vache

« When it comes to our street shows (except for « Mon premier voyage »), we require virtually no technical help and can easily adapt to the surroundings: these shows can be performed almost anywhere, from street drama festivals to smaller events. They are perfectly suitable for audiences that are not used to theatre. Our creations are easy to fit in any program: all that’s needed for the encounter to take place are a suitable space and an electrical outlet.

We mostly rely on burlesque, humorous and silent theatre to meet the audience and tell them of our world. We perform mostly in street drama festivals, in France (all the way to Guiana) and abroad (Italy, England, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, South Korea and Japan).

We like the universality of laughter, of emotions and of wordless encounters. The characters that come to life in our shows reflect human beauty, with its paradoxes, and the audience can identify with and be touched by them. »

arbre à vache

« Bob, transports en tout genre » (Bob, delivery of all kinds) was created in 2007. It is a silent clown-like performance, which involves magic tricks and oscillates between dark humour and poetry.

It is a one man show created for the street: a man is delivering some packages, but no one is answering the door. Only the audience is here…


In 2013, « M&Mme Poiseau » came out. In this show, which combines mime and visual humour, a very old couple celebrate a birthday. Mr Poiseau invited the audience to his wife’s 75th surprise birthday party, which takes place in one of their favorite places.


In 2018, the company created « Goodbye Persil » ! This intimate show takes place in a Park. The audience sits on benches and watches as an old Twingo roams the street and stops in the Park.

Two brothers get out of the car. They have a mission to complete.


« The street is our backdrop, we imagine stories happening in the space we invest. »

Broadcast & tour contact

Orianne Block
Mobile : +33 (0)6 78 75 57 44
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Bob, Delivery of All Kinds

Duration: 38 minutes
Genre: theater and street magic
Creation 2007

Bob, Delivery of All Kinds is a mute show combining drama and magic, oscillating between clowning, poetry and humor – sometimes black humor.

It is a one man show created for the street: a man is delivering some packages, but no one is answering the door. Only the audience is here…

The idea behind this show is very simple: a delivery man ends up by mistake in front of an audience.

Each performance is a new encounter because Bob interacts with his audience, with the place and its atmosphere.

arbre à vache

The story:

Who would order a withered plant in the last phase of dehydration, a pre-war alarm clock or an already bitten apple? And how would the delivery man react when he realized he had been stood up in front of everyone? What if he then decided to have fun with the audience with the help of his old tape recorder?

The scenery is minimalist: it all takes place in front of a door. A delivery man, BOB, is waiting in front of the door with two boxes. And this is the beginning of the end: engaging in methodical looting, BOB then becomes – with more or less success – a conjurer, a mime, an acrobat, a leek torturer and a blade swallower.

Since its creation in 2007, this show has been performed more than 600 times in France (all the way to Guiana) and abroad (Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, England).

By and with: Louis Grison.
Stage direction: Noémie Lecharpentier & Antoine Boulin.
With a little help from our friends: Christophe ANDRAL (Compagnie Bougrelas) & Leandre Ribera.

Requirements: an electrical outlet and a frontdoor (of a house, a building, a farm, a church, a lighthouse… anywhere a delivery man might knock).

Performing abroad: this show can travel by plane (Contact us).

arbre à vache

Jury Prize and Audience Award winner at the festival Bastid’Arts 2008 in Miramont de Guyenne.

Declared favorite show of the the 2009 Aurillac International Street Theater Festival by the daily Newspaper La Montagne.


« This show is full of surprises. Louis Grison, aka BOB, is irresistible. He skilfully juggles the absurd and irony. He unwraps plants, fruit and vegetables, a broom, an alarm-clock… and hilarious gags and magic tricks. »
Thierry Voisin, Télérama, September, 2011.

Mr. et Mrs. Poiseau

Duration: 55 minutes
Genre: Visual humour, silent physical theatre
Creation 2013

« Mr. & Mrs. Poiseau », gestural theater duo and visual humor, where we discover two little old people who celebrate a surprise birthday. Mr. Poiseau invited the public for the 75th birthday of Madame, in this place where they used to come so often.

A silent show for a public square or a park: the story of a very old couple improvising a birthday party!

arbre à vache

The story:

Mr. And Mrs. Poiseau are the old couple we all dream of becoming. They know each other by heart and like to turn their habits upside down as often as possible.

For Mrs. Poiseau’s 75th birthday, Mr. Poiseau went out of his way: he threw her a surprise birthday party. He secretly dragged half of their kitchen out on the street to bake her favorite cake, and thought he had it all figured out, but then…

Mrs. Poiseau, her husband and yourselves are in for a few surprises: some laughs, a few pranks and a decadent recipe that will make for a rather extraordinary birthday party.


Since it creation in 2013, this show has been performed over 350 times, in Street Theater Festivals and for other occasions in France (all the way to Guiana) and abroad (Spain, Italy, Luxemburg, Belgium, England, South Korea, Japan).

This is a universal and silent Street Theater performance. The tempo is given by laughs, some sounds, silence and a soundtrack from the 60s.

The story unfolds in public space and draws its strength from it. The couple interacts with the street environment and is eager to meet you and to share this birthday party with you.

By: Léa Blanche Bernard and Louis Grison 
With : Louis Grison et Macha Léon (since 2016)
Stage direction and management: Antoine Boulin
Consultant: Yvo Mentens 

This show can travel by plane! (Contact us).

Requirements: An electrical outlet, a place to hide the surprise and a place where the party could take place: a public square, the corner of a quiet street, a garden.

Required information: This show was created with the support of Ferme d’Héliacynthe and Café Boissec.

Photo credits: Jessica Nativel Pitchography.

arbre à vache

What can you do against death and old age?

We haven’t discovered any youth potion, but on stage, we perform the impossible.

« Old age is when you start to think: I have never felt so young. »
[Jules Renard]

Goodbye Persil

Duration: 40 minutes
Genre: Street show
Family show from 8 years old.
Creation 2018.

An intimate story on the street! The public installed on the stands all around a garden for children, a Twingo arrives and rode. Two brothers come out for a special mission.

The show is almost silent; it is based on mime, visual humour, clown-like stunts – without a red nose – , special effects and sound: music, sound effects, live mixing.

This enables the actors to tell a universal story through this performance in which they are always in touch with the audience and the present moment.

arbre à vache

arbre à vache

The story:

A car roams the street before pulling over discreetly in front of the park’s entrance. Silence falls; the place is empty.
Two men get out of the car and inspect their surroundings.
They exchange one last glance before jumping into action.

The two brothers are prepared to risk everything to complete their mission.

This mission takes them back to their past, their childhood dreams… It is an opportunity for them to take stock of their lives together, with all the tenderness and roughness of brothers. Like a parenthesis in their adult lives.

« An adult is a child gone astray… »

arbre à vache

Statement of intent:

We want to propose a new show created for the street with the benefit of our ten-year touring experience.
We aim at questioning the codes of Street Theatre further by taking the audience on board this universal tale, on a street corner, in the here and now.

How much of the child in us springs to life when we come into contact with those we grew up with?

In this new creation, we question adults’ behaviours, which are sometimes too serious. We explore how games and a little imagination can make our lives lighter, tastier and more exciting!
A hymn to life, to games, to the stories we make up, and above all to brotherhood!


The audience can sit on rows of benches installed in a semi-circle around the performing space.

Nothing escapes the audience: they are both spectator and partner in crime to these two brothers.

In this circular central space sit a flowerbed, a playground toy and a fountain: it is the park of their childhood.

 The Twingo is too loud, the neighbour’s dog keeps barking, shovels dance, an old tape recorder appears, a water pipe bursts…

By and with: Louis Grison & Nicolas Perruchon
Based on an original idea by : Louis Grison & Macha Leon
Stage direction, gags, stage design, sets and technical tinkering: Antoine Boulin
Technical advice and special effects: Paul Cavadore
Prop master: Mathilde SAUBOLE

Directing and writing consultants: Marie–Magdeleine (Compagnie Mmm), Julien Marot (Compagnie Mmm), Macha Leon & Barbara Drouinaud Bobinaud

Requirements : electricity and a large space (ideally with grass), with car access and some elements in the environment that could be used for improvisation (walls, bushes, trees, etc.)

Credits: Created with the support of HAMEKA: Street Arts Factory – Intercommunal Community of the French Basque Country; of the Association Alarue – Les Zaccros d’ma Rue Festival; of the Theatre le Liburnia – Fest’arts Festival; of the Network La Déferlante; of the Musicalarue Association and of the Spirale Association.

Co-produced by the IDDAC – Regional Institute for the Development of Art and Culture – Gironde Cultural Office

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